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Resistance Apparel by Physiclo




Improve Performance

Increase your output with Physiclo:

+ 23% increase in muscle activity

+ 14% more calories burned 

+ 9% higher heart rate 

Physiclo resistance apparel has been shown to significantly incease a runner's speed and performance despite training at a lower milage and slower pace. 

After training with Physiclo, 68% of runners reached a personal best and saw an imrovement of 7:53 minutes off their Marathon and Half- Marathon times.

Get the Winning Edge 

Resistance wear is for next level training. Phyisclo makes everything you do feel more challenging so come game time your body is conditioned and ready to charge out of the gate. Our unique resistance technology features specially-positioned resistance bands and panels that counteract target muscle groups when engaging in different exercises and activities, increasing the amount of work you do with every movement

Whether in the gym, on the track or on the feild, Physiclo can help.  Designed specifically to work in a full range of motion, Physiclo is ideal for multiple types of workouts and programs. 



Challange yourself, get out of your comfort sone, choose to get stronger!

Amanda Foland PT, Sports Performance Nutrition Specialist

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Physiclo has allowed me to keep training harder and longer while keeping maintenance on my long time knee issues.

Gabe Barahona NFL Regional Combine Coordinator

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Tights with built in resistance bands - It's the new thing!  Enhance your training with Physiclo.

Greg Billington USA Olympic Team Triathlon

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Training in Physiclo is proving beneficial to my season! Qualifying for US Championships is a pretty good indicator!

Kris Kornegay-Gober Pro Track Athlete High Jump

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Ready to start training with Physiclo?

Get in touch with our sales team to see how we can help your Team 

contact:      SALES@PHYSICLO.COM

Phone:   (866) 830-8421